Fitness Programs

No more getting lost in complex program manuals. All exercises come with video demonstrations on the Brooktree App, ensuring you execute every move with perfect form.

Women's Programs


Ultimate FemmeFit Sculpt Series

Unlock your body’s potential with the Ultimate FemmeFit Sculpt Series! Whether you're at the gym or have a home setup, this program is crafted for those who are serious about sculpting a powerful physique and achieving peak wellness.

12-Week Total Body Strength Training Program for Women

My 12-Week Total Body Strength Training Program is meticulously designed to prioritize your individual shape.

Dynamic Sculpt: The Ultimate Glute Focused Blueprint

This comprehensive workout program is designed for those who aspire for greatness and know there's always room for improvement.

Ultimate 8-Week Glute Gains & Upper Body Toning Program

A meticulously designed 8-week program tailored for those who want to achieve the peak of glute hypertrophy and a finely sculpted upper body.

Empower Lift Program: A Transformative Lower Body Focus for Women

Unleash your inner strength with our groundbreaking 10-week strength training program, specifically curated for women to accentuate lower body prowess, concentrating on gluteal development.

Optimal Strength: The 12-Week Ectomorph Transformation Program

Unlock your body's true potential with "Optimal Strength," my meticulously crafted 12-week training program designed exclusively for the ectomorph body type.

Glute Mastery: 12-Week Sculpt & Lift Program

Embark on a unique fitness journey designed to sculpt and enhance your glutes while minimizing thigh growth.

Men's Programs


Muscle Maximiser: 8-Week Dual-Focus Regimen

This program is tailored for individuals at an intermediate to advanced stage, aiming to maximize muscle hypertrophy.

12-Week Peak Physique Progression

This versatile workout program is designed to cater to individuals at various fitness levels, from beginners to experienced gym-goers.

12-Week Strength Training for Fat Loss

Unlock the power of strength training with my comprehensive 12-week program designed specifically to optimize fat loss.

Apollo Creed Physique Program

Create a physique of power, agility, and unbeatable strength, reminiscent of Apollo Creed from the iconic Rocky movie franchise, with our comprehensive 20-week weight training program!

16-Week Physique Evolution System

A comprehensive 16-week workout regimen, meticulously tailored for those aspiring to achieve a Men’s Physique standard.

MaxImpact FST-7 Pinnacle

Are you ready to challenge your limits and elevate your physique? A meticulously crafted 4-week program designed for those who are no strangers to the gym and seek to push beyond their current boundaries.

Fitness Challenges


Foundation Fitness: 4-Week Full-Body Sculpt

Introducing Foundation Fitness: 4-Week Full-Body Sculpt, a perfectly crafted beginner workout program designed to activate and strengthen every major muscle group without any equipment.

Revitalize28: Fitness Challenge

Are you ready to ignite your fitness journey and make a positive change in just 28 days? Look no further! My Revitalize28 challenge is designed with beginners in mind, but it's adaptable for all fitness levels. 💪

6-Week Little Black Dress Challenge

Whether you’re prepping for a special event or just seeking a transformative journey, this challenge is tailored to ensure you look and feel your best.

90-Day All Bodyweight Calisthenics Challenge

Whether you're a beginner or at an intermediate level, this regimen has been crafted to efficiently and effectively enhance your training experience, regardless of gender.

Cardio Programs


12-Week Learn to Run Training Program

My program is specifically designed to guide beginners on their journey to become runners, with just a 30-minute daily commitment.

12-Week Zone 2 Cardio Fat Blaster Challenge

Embark on a journey that targets optimal fat burning and endurance enhancement with my "12-Week Zone 2 Cardio Fat Blaster" challenge.

Stride by Stride: A Comprehensive Running Journey

A meticulously crafted five-phase running program suitable for both beginners eager to start and seasoned runners seeking improvement.


Not Sure Which Program Is Right for You?

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